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EU Cookie Law

On May 26th 2011, a new law affecting most websites was introduced, and it will begin to be enforced on May 26th 2012. This law, known as the EU Cookie Law, makes it an offence for a website to save data to your computer without your permission. This might sound obvious, right? Why would a website even want to save data to your computer? Well, there are a few very good reasons...

User Tracking The reason that the EU Cookie Law is being introduced is to prevent websites from tracking the user through the site, and keeping track of how frequently they return. Unfortunately, this means that without cookies, fencingarchive.net is not able to provide the 'breadcrumb trail' (the small list of previously visited pages that features just below the header of each page. It also makes it much more difficult for us to track dow 'problem pages' that cause lots of users to leave the site.

Advertising The adverts that feature on the site are provided by the Google Advertising Network. Google try to show adverts that are more appropriate to the person viewing the site. Without the ability to track which websites a user visits, Google won't be able to decide which adverts suit you best, so you may end up getting shown adverts that you find inappropriate or offensive. The fencingarchive team don't get any information back from Google about individual users.

User Logins Fencingarchive.net doesn't currently have a login feature, but if we ever implement one, then the only way to maintain login-state between pages is to have use a cookie, if your computer rejects cookies then you'll have to log in to view every page!

Fencingarchive.net uses cookies for the following reasons:

The EU Cookie Law requires websites to gain user consent BEFORE storing any kind of data on a users computer. So far, no-one has managed to provide a way of recording which users do not wish to receive cookies, without using, ironically, cookies themselves.

If you do not wish to have the fencingarchive.net serve up cookies to you, they we recommend that you set your browser to not accept cookies. All modern browsers should have the ability to do this. By continuing to use the fencingarchive.net site, you are implying consent for us to store cookies on your computer.

If you really do want to block cookies, then follow the instructions relevant to your browser:

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